A Senior Momento

The Randolph Herald

2 February 2009

It always means a little bit more when the Randolph Blue Devils and Rockland Bulldogs face off. 

The Blue Devils boys basketball team showed just how much it meant to them in their 60-39 victory Friday night.

Friday night’s victory over Rockland was extremely important for the seniors. It was their last game against rival Rockland, and they stepped up. It was redemption for most of them who were on the football team for the 42-0 loss to Rockland this fall. 

Randolph played a complete game from tip-off until the final seconds ticked off the clock. The Devils dominated in all facets of the game – with great defense, contributors off the bench and physical inside play.             

Players giving strong performances off the bench played a big factor in the victory as well. Junior Michael Browne had a large role in the win, contributing 10 points, four rebounds and one assist.

Senior Andrew Jones also played well with lock-down defense.

The strongest of the game came from starters Crys Jackson, a senior, and Guerby Despage, a junior. Jackson earned a double-double with 11 points and 12 rebounds. Despage was the leading scorer with 17 points along with five rebounds. Senior Jason Toussaint fought hard all game, netting four points, four assists and more importantly six key hustle plays. 

The Randolph players were focused on the task at hand as early as the opening warm-ups. That focus showed in their defense. They harassed the Bulldogs all night, causing 23 turnovers. Those turnovers turned into lots of fast-break points. The Blue Devil defense never let Rockland establish a rhythm on offense. 

They played aggressive all game, and so aggressive that they overran some plays defensively but recovered in time.

Two key reasons for the victory were how strongly the Blue Devils played on the boards and fast-break offense. They imposed their will on Rockland all night. Jackson grabbed the majority of rebounds that were anywhere near him. Rockland was simply outmatched inside. Another strong point was how well Randolph played in the transition game. The Blue Devils appeared more efficient in the fast-paced game than when the pace slowed down and they played half-court offense.

Randolph is 2-8 on the season in the Patriot League and 2-10 overall.

Ajanni Murrell is a junior at Randolph High School.


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